The Versature Award for Digital Innovator of the Year




This Award is given to the organization that has best harnessed technology and digital solutions to improve their business, aid their staff, and leverage overall client experience over the past 12 months. This category looks at the organization’s use of technology and digital platform/solution/resource/software/s such as (but not limited to) CRM, digital marketing, mobile technology, electronic document management, connectivity platforms, and collaboration tools. Insurtech service/solution providers are not eligible nominees in this category as this is a category for organizations utilizing the service/solution/tool/s.




  • overall use of digital platforms and technology solutions over the past 12 months, demonstrating positive outcomes
  • clear narrative demonstrating the needs identification process for implementation of the technology
  • alignment of the use of the technology with the organization’s broader goals
  • efficiencies and cost-savings gained from use of technology



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