DSB Claims

DSB ClaimsDSB Claims Solutions is a claim management company founded in 2012 by Dara Banga. The company is dedicated to the principal “claim service is customer service”. Beginning with a few staff members and a limited number of clients, DSB Claims has continuously improved and expanded its services to an ever-increasing client base.

DSB Claims partners with insurance brokers and insurance carriers who are looking to “unleash” the value of their customers claim experience through personalized, accessible, relationship-based customer service. Our services align and support the key performance indicators for our clients whether they be service or financial.

DSB Claims is continually building and aligning key infrastructure, both staff, process and technology, to meet the needs of our expanding client base ensuring we keep our founding “customer service” principal at the forefront of everything we do.

For more information, visit dsbclaims.com.


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