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PAL Insurance Brokers Canada has been Canada’s leading Specialty MGA for over 25 years. PAL was founded by Bob Morrison in Calgary in 1989 and expanded to include an office in Simcoe, Ontario. PAL is a family business and includes Bob’s wife, two daughters, grandson and granddaughter. PAL’s online platform is very popular with brokers as it allows quick and easy access to many of PAL’s programs. Responsiveness to brokers is one of PAL’s top priorities, whether in providing top-notch customer service to its brokers or in the creation of several programs in direct response to broker demand.


PAL can provide Canada-wide coverage for Special Events, Fairs, Festivals, Exhibitions, Weddings, Contents in Storage, Exhibitor / Vendor Booth & Kiosk liability, Caterers, Servers, Performers, Event Planners, Event Cancellation, Prize Indemnity – Hole in One, and Miscellaneous Property, as well as PAL’s newest program, Collectables Insurance. PAL’s younger generation continues to lead PAL into the twenty-first century by responding to shifting customer needs and technological advances.


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