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The iv3 Solutions Award for Excellence in Risk Management


ESTABLISHED IN 1905, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) represents Alberta’s urban municipalities, where more than 85% of Albertans live. AUMA is a dynamic and continuously evolving company, but one thing remains constant: its commitment to providing solutions and resources for municipal issues and challenges.


“We’re excited; we didn’t think we had a chance since we’re from the back woods of Alberta, so to speak,” said Will Burtenshaw, senior director of risk and claims at AUMA. “We are dedicated to our belief that trust is key in a broker relationship. I think the single biggest key is that they have to trust you, and you have to trust them. It’s a two-way street.”


“We are dedicated to our belief that trust is key in a broker relationship”


Actively supporting and networking with others in the industry is of utmost importance to award sponsor iv3. “It’s important to support those who have done really well,” said executive vice-president Craig Rowsell. “We work so hard all year, but we don’t get awarded a lot. So sometimes it’s nice just to recognize those people who have excelled at what they’re doing. We want to make sure that we’re a part of this industry and that we’re not just doing it on our own.”



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